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Le fameux "marché de monta"

This market, one of the most important in the department, has become a must.
Open every day from 8am to 1:30pm (2pm on weekends and public holidays) from June 15 to September 15, from oysters to Médoc wine and crafts, there's something for everyone. It's a must when you come to Montalivet!

In the off-season (winter months), local traders welcome you every morning to the covered market (except Mondays).
The village is not to be outdone, with its small Sunday market on the Place de l'Eglise.


The creation of the "Terra Medoca Vendays-Montalivet" environmental art trail, in partnership and with the support of the local Aléa association and artists, represents a link between the village of Vendays and the resort of Montalivet, through an artistic and environmental dimension.

This trail creates social links, offering activities, exhibitions and encounters for summer visitors and local residents (schoolchildren, local residents, etc.).

The works are in situ and take into account the place where they are installed (dunes, forest, tide, gardens, city center...), awakening, questioning and warning about environmental issues.

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The beaches of vendays-montalivet

The Montalivet, ACM and CHM beaches are supervised for part of the year. The central/northern beach is the only one in the department to be supervised from the April vacations!

Click on this link to find out more about our beaches:


The beaches of Montalivet and its many sandbanks can offer the smallest swell to the biggest swell, an ideal spot for all surfing levels.

Montalivet is renowned for its summer waves, perfect for longboarding.
Montalivet also hosts the Longboard PRO-AM and the French Open at the end of the season.

There are a number of schools on the waterfront, offering beginner and advanced courses for young and old, at hourly, daily or weekly rates.


In partnership with the Gironde department, CAP33 offers a wide range of sports and leisure activities for families and individuals over the age of 15. Available in three levels of depth, these activities are accessible to as many people as possible.

CAP33 activity leaders are on hand all year round, and CAP33 activities are completely FREE!

Don't hesitate to download their summer program so you don't miss any of their activities! 

Vendays-Montalivet is also one of the 8 "CAP33 Juniors" centers in Gironde
for 7-14 year olds.

For further information, please contact


The Maison de la Glisse offers a skatepark that's free to use at any time of day!

The long-established Kokoloco association is a surf club that offers initiations, courses for members, yoga partnerships... for local children. More information on their Facebook page.

A brand-new association has arrived: Planchons, école de skate! 

Find out more about the town's associations here:


The marshes of La Perge and Le Gua are intimately connected, as they form an extensive marshland complex with alternating areas of hedged farmland, woodland and large reed meadows.

Long used for grazing, feeding and watering animals, today they are used as hay meadows, offering magnificent walks for families and friends.

The Heritage House

The Maison du Patrimoine Museum and its natural areas are part of a Culture, Heritage and Associations group working to preserve and promote these areas.

A local association, Los Tradinaires, is exhibiting photos, tools and historical documents to showcase the work of the commune's former resin workers. From the preparation of the pine to the harvesting of the resin, a film explains the activity of the gemmage before the 60's (Reservation 06 49 57 17 35 with the association "Los Tradinaires").

At the Maison du Patrimoine, you can find outmore about local activities and heritage. 100,000 years of Médoc history are described: its geology, history, climate, fauna, flora...

Attractive and lively all year round with its exhibitions and workshops, La Maison du Patrimoine is now enriched by the first environmental art trail "Terra Medoca Vendays-Montalivet", in partnership with the ALEA association, artists and local residents.


Come and work facing the ocean!

If you need a quiet space with an internet connection, the Cube is open all year round! 

The coworking space is also a convivial place where people can meet and exchange ideas. It has an open-plan space with 7 offices for visiting coworkers, and 5 offices upstairs for permanent coworkers.

Find out more on their website: