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The nature exception

Find out about our commune's commitments to conserving our natural heritage, managing waste and raising awareness among locals and visitors alike...

Our eco-commitments

La commune de Vendays-Montalivet met en œuvre différentes actions afin de développer le développement durable, sensibiliser les habitants et visiteurs à l’environnement, protéger notre nature et anticiper le futur pour nos enfants.

Our tide tanks

As part of the national "Trait bleu " program covering the Charente-Maritime and Nouvelle-Aquitaine coastlines, three tide bins have been installed on Montalivet: opposite the boat ramp, at the Monta Surf School plage sud & at the José Zabala beach access point.

These tide bins enable all volunteer citizens to take part in the collection of plastic waste washed up along the coastline, which is then collected by a social integration company based in Hourtin and sent to the Teo company for analysis, in order to compile data that can be used to understand coastal pollution. In 2022, 546 kg of waste were collected at Montalivet (mainly rubbish and plastic).
We're counting on you!

« ici commence l'Océan »

Have you ever seen this tag on the commune?
You may not have known it, but the waste thrown down the drain ends up in the ocean.
Be careful what you drop on the ground - the fish will thank you!
So you'll be seeing this tag all over the commune to raise awareness of the ocean's cause. Every little bit counts! Waste garbage cans and Eco'Mégots are available nearby to help you dispose of your garbage...

Retour sur notre Week-end VMO'Vert 2023

On April 8 and 9, we were delighted to welcome you to the 2023 edition of the VMO'vert weekend.
Over the course of the weekend, various events on the theme of sustainable development were organized. Thanks to the forest and beach clean-ups, we were able to equal last year's record, collecting 2.5t of garbage!
Thanks to all participants and visitors: 
ALEA - Art Littoral et Environnement en Aquitaine, CPIE Médoc, TEO - Territoires Environnement Océan, Djé Art's, Grains de Médoc, Laurence Dessimoulie, CAP33 Vendays-Montalivet, LaFerme DuBourg, Smicotom, Csbca Asso, Vendays Montali'vtt, Office national des forêts, L'ACCA , SAGA Apiculture, L'ADAPEI
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A cigarette butt may seem harmless, but it is :
- a plastic fiber filter
- 500 liters of polluted water
- 12 years of degradation
- 2,500 chemicals released into the environment
- 16% of fire starts
That's why cigarette butts are the N°1 enemy of the seas and oceans.
As a seaside resort, the commune has set itself the goal of becoming a "zero-butt" commune.
To achieve this, you'll be able to find 15 terminals in Vendays and Montalivet. ÉcoMégot - Vers des villes Zéro Mégotrecognizable by their orange caps, to help you recycle your cigarette butts properly!

Plateforme de déchets verts

In May 2022, the Vendays-Montalivet commune launched its green waste platform.
Located on the Route de l'Aérodrome, between Vendays and Montalivet, it will be open all year round from 8am to 8pm.

Registration required via this link, for permanent residents only. 


Household and organic waste are collected every Thursday morning.

Sorting instructions will be simplified for 2023: updated instructions on packaging and paper bins.
From December 6, SMICOTOM will be updating the instructions on your yellow bins for several weeks, in parallel with collection operations.

Waste management in Vendays-Montalivet
SMICOTOM website for more information