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The nature exception

Find out about our commune's commitments to conserving our natural heritage, managing waste and raising awareness among locals and visitors alike...

Sustainable development in vendays-montalivet

The Vendays-Montalivet Tourist Office, under the impetus of the commune, is committed to associating tourism with the environment.

Charte durable de l'Office de Tourisme

Protect, enhance and promote our unspoilt region and its riches: beaches, forests, marshes, flora and fauna, as well as our heritage, and develop responsible tourism.

1/ Our daily eco-actions

  • Turn off your computer and don't leave it on standby
  • Limiting digital pollution
  • Avoid unnecessary printing and reuse documents as drafts
  • Promote B&W printing and double-sided printing
  • Reduce waste production and sort waste
  • Turning off lights when leaving a room
  • Regulate heating temperature according to presence and ventilate well
  • Managing water consumption


2/ Sustainable and eco-responsible purchasing

  • Favor eco-responsible and/or local service providers and suppliers
  • Choose eco-labelled or alternative products that are less harmful to the environment: cleaning products, stationery, various consumables...
  • Prefer products that limit waste production and/or are easily recyclable: reusable tableware for events, etc.
  • Choose furniture made from FSC / FSC Recycled certified wood
  • Purchase or replace electrical equipment with class A or low-consumption appliances and install LEDs for all lighting.
  • Reduce water consumption and install water-saving devices adapted to specific uses, with flow reducers for taps.
  • Promoting the use of renewable energies
  • Use local plant species for future plantings


3/ Raising awareness of this approach - Reducing resource consumption, reducing the ecological footprint and preserving the environment

Highlight the actions undertaken by the Commune and organize eco-responsible events.

  • WE sustainable development
  • Cigarette butt recycling bins
  • Tide pans
  • Manhole covers 
  • Terra Médoca trail and Marais de la Perge educational trail
  • Clean Beach operations
  • Raising awareness of waste sorting
  • Charter for hikers, cyclists and beach-goers (respect and protection of the environment...)
  • Passing on knowledge and/or providing documentation on the local nature offer to customers


4/ Promote local service providers and players committed to an environmental approach, and support those who wish to develop their actions in favor of environmental protection: obtaining environmental labels, etc.

Promote local consumption: partnerships with the PNR, CPIE, Aléa, Ecoacteurs en Médoc, Grains de Médoc, SMICOTOM, etc.


5/ Promote soft mobility, slow tourism and accessibility for all.

We are committed to this sustainable development approach in order to preserve our territory, promote local players, facilitate access and thus offer everyone a quality of life and a soothing stay close to nature.